Vénkerti Primary School, Kindergarten and Basic School of Arts


Vénkerti Primary School was founded in 1976. It had 7 classes that time. Our students learn in 44 classes now. There are 948 pupils and 101 teachers at our school. We have 32 children in 2 groups in the kindergarten.

Vénkerti Primary School, Kindergarten and Basic School of Arts provides eight-year-old primary education and twelve-year-old art education. We have students from different parts of the city. Our school is very popular thanks to its art education, special education in the fields of foreign languages. Information Technology and Physical Education. The high level of the school’s achievment is based on the work of its well-qualified, child-loving teachers.


Special Fields of Our School’s Education

Physical Education

Vénkerti Primary School and Basic School of Arts has a swimming pool and one of the most well-equipped gymnasiums in our city. Students can play sports, swim 5 times a week from  the beginning of the first year.


Supplementary training:

  • gymnastics
  • swimming
  • basketball
  • football
  • floorball
  • trampoline
  • volleyball
  • handball

Skiing camps in winter and water camps in summer are organized for children as well.



Information Technology

Our pupils can have more lessons a week from the third year class. Students learn how to use computers and the basic of programming.



Hungarian Literature and Grammar, Maths

Maths, Hungarian Literature and Grammar are tought in different groups from the fifth class. Students of these different groups are selected on the base of their abilities.


Art education

The art education is provided by folk artists, artists, drama teachers and professional dancing masters. The aim of this work is to develop our children’s skills and personalities. We want them to become highly cultured adults, who like and understand arts. We hope that they can retain our Hungarian cultural traditions as well.



Our school was the first one in Debrecen witch started the basic art education in 1999. The work started in three areas of arts. They are the art of dancing, dramatics and puppetry, the fine arts and crafts. We have 26 different art groups with 360 students. In the field of dancing we have ballet and folk dance groups. In the area of fine arts and crafts students can work and create in the groups of painting, graphic arts and enamel arts. Our children can study such as: beading, batik and making traditional wax candles.


Foreign Languages

English or French languages can be chosen to learn as a foreign language at our school. Students have 5 lessons a week if they learn in a special class of English. French can be learnt as a second foreign language from the fourth class. A well-equipped language laboratory helps to develop the pupils’ knowledge and skills.



Methodology of Learning

In lower classes (1-4) students can gain knowledge of different learning techniques according to their ages. This learning process is going on in upper classes as well. The name of the subject is Methodology of Learning.




Our address is:

Vénkerti Primary School and Basic School of Arts


6, Sinai Miklós Street




Telephone: 00/ 36/ 52-416-755

Fax: 00/ 36/ 52-416-661

E-mail: sinai@venkerti-debr.sulinet.hu


Website: http://venkerti.hu



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